Dave Meltzer's Take: AEW's Aging Roster Critique

Ratings Battle Reignites as AEW and NXT Clash Again

by Noman Rasool
Dave Meltzer's Take: AEW's Aging Roster Critique

In a one-night showdown for ratings supremacy, AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT went head-to-head on October 10th, delivering a night of intense wrestling action. WWE pulled out all the stops for NXT, featuring legends like John Cena, Cody Rhodes, LA Knight, and The Undertaker, while AEW showcased the debut match of wrestling icon Adam Copeland.

Dave Meltzer, renowned wrestling critic, shared his perspective on Wrestling Observer Radio, highlighting what he sees as a potential issue for AEW. Meltzer noted that AEW tends to feature a significant number of older wrestling stars from previous generations.

However, he praised these veterans for their exceptional in-ring performances and ring intelligence, particularly singling out Christian Cage as a standout talent. Meltzer's observation raises questions about AEW's approach to roster composition.

While the older talents undoubtedly bring exceptional wrestling prowess to the table, Meltzer suggests that relying heavily on former WWE stars might create a perception that AEW is primarily a destination for ex-WWE talent rather than developing its own stars.

Wrestling Excellence Despite Age

Despite this, Meltzer acknowledges the quality of matches and performances delivered by these experienced wrestlers. AEW has consistently showcased top-notch wrestling action, and the older stars have played a significant role in that success.

In the recent Dynamite episode, four wrestlers over the age of 40 competed, in addition to Christian Cage, who had a prominent presence on the show. The night's main event featured a showdown between Luchasaurus and Adam Copeland, ending in a chaotic brawl involving Bryan Danielson, the Blackpool Combat Club, the Mogul Embassy, Swerve Strickland, and Hangman Adam Page.

In contrast, WWE's SmackDown featured only one wrestler over the age of 40, LA Knight, who emerged victorious in the main event against Solo Sikoa. The clash between these two promotions not only highlights the ongoing battle for ratings but also raises questions about the balance between veteran star power and the cultivation of new wrestling talent.

Wrestling fans around the world continue to debate whether AEW's strategy is sustainable in the long run or if it needs to shift its focus toward developing its homegrown stars. As the competition rages on, one thing is certain: the wrestling world is in for an exciting and unpredictable ride.

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