AEW and OWE Talent Exchange News

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AEW and OWE Talent Exchange News

It isn’t often we get to hear about two giant wrestling promotions working together to make each other better. All Elite Wrestling promised to change the entire wrestling universe when they first announced their launch earlier this year.

According to many reports, AEW is set to work with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment and exchange talent. The Vice President of OWE, Michael Nee, was with The South China Morning Post. He spoke about meeting AEW’s Vice President of Business Strategy, Chris Harrington in Shanghai, China.

He revealed that AEW plans to send a few of its wrestlers to China to help them with their events. "In the future they want a couple of Chinese guys that can be trained in the US," Nee added. "Also they would like to send a great coach to help us improve, and the young wrestlers from AEW can come here to train and do kung fu.

AEW will share all their platforms with us, even the connection to the UK [AEW has a television deal with ITV]. We will do more work together. Together we can help each other grow – we can help AEW in the future to land in China, and AEW can help us to become better worldwide.

OWE and AEW can change the world together." Some Chinese wrestlers couldn’t make it to AEW due to visa issues and he spoke about that as well.