AEW Star Praises WWE's Treatment of Jade Cargill, Hints at Potential Move


AEW Star Praises WWE's Treatment of Jade Cargill, Hints at Potential Move
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WWE's recent acquisition of Jade Cargill, a previously high-profile name in AEW, is causing ripples within the wrestling community. Thunder Rosa, another AEW standout, recently shared her thoughts on Cargill's transition to WWE and what she anticipates for her future.

Thunder Rosa's glowing commendation of Cargill's WWE signing came during an interview on Busted Open Radio. Rosa expressed her excitement to see how WWE will elevate Cargill, who already made an impressive debut, being personally welcomed by Triple H at WWE Fastlane.

Additionally, Cargill appeared in a captivating backstage segment featuring WWE stalwart Charlotte Flair on a recent episode of SmackDown.

Rosa Praises Cargill

Thunder Rosa's praise was enthusiastic: "Jade Cargill is dominating my feed, and rightfully so.

She looks like a million bucks! The way WWE treats her makes me excited about the possibilities if I were to make a similar move in the future. To be treated like a superstar, just as she is being treated, would be an incredible experience." The AEW star conveyed her best wishes to Cargill, eagerly awaiting her in-ring performances and future storylines in WWE.

Veteran wrestling commentator Dutch Mantell also chimed in, projecting a swift rise to championship status for Cargill. Speaking on Sportskeeda's Smack Talk, Mantell declared, "It's all laid out for Jade Cargill. She could find herself with a title around her waist almost immediately." Mantell was also eager to see her face off against WWE heavyweights like Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax.

"I can't wait to see these athletes entertain and compete in the ring. It's going to be something to watch." While the conversation has primarily centred around Jade Cargill's immediate success, it also highlights Thunder Rosa's potential moves.

Could we see another high-profile switch from AEW to WWE in the future? For now, Thunder Rosa sends her blessings to Cargill and waits, like the rest of us, to see how WWE will maximize the potential of its new, promising signee.

With WWE's firm commitment to elevating Jade Cargill, her future in the promotion looks exceedingly bright. Meanwhile, Thunder Rosa's complimentary words have ignited conversations about her own future, lending more intrigue to an already buzzing wrestling landscape.

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