Why Tony Khan Revolutionizing AEW, According to Matt Hardy?


Why Tony Khan Revolutionizing AEW, According to Matt Hardy?
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In the latest installment of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," AEW wrestler Matt Hardy heaped commendations on AEW President Tony Khan for his trailblazing approach to professional wrestling. According to Hardy, Khan’s fusion of entrepreneurial flair and unadulterated love for the sport has had a transformative impact on the wrestling landscape.

Hardy elucidated, "Tony Khan isn't just idly standing by; he's genuinely changing the future of wrestling. It's a rare confluence where you have someone with Tony's immense passion for this sport, who also has the requisite financial backing to actualize his vision through AEW.

His endeavors are nothing short of revolutionary, owing to a unique set of circumstances that he finds himself in."

Hardy's Caution

While Hardy is appreciative of Khan's novel booking strategies benefiting wrestlers and production teams alike, he doesn't shy away from pointing out a few wrinkles in the approach.

Hardy cautioned that Khan's penchant for yielding to social media opinions on match creation could occasionally be counterproductive. In a candid piece of advice to Khan, Hardy stressed the importance of also listening to the live audience, emphasizing that the pulse of the "arena" and the voices of the "paying customers" should never be overshadowed.

On the topic of AEW's booking, Hardy himself has been enjoying a fuller slate of appearances, particularly on "AEW Rampage." His most recent bout took place in the October 13 episode of "Rampage," where he teamed up with Isiah Kassidy and Jeff Hardy.

Unfortunately, they came up short against the formidable trio of Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia, and Matt Menard. As AEW continues to push the boundaries of professional wrestling, Hardy's observations offer a nuanced look into the engine driving this innovation.

Tony Khan's methods may have their imperfections, but there's no disputing his pioneering influence in reshaping the wrestling arena for the modern era. With influential figures like Matt Hardy voicing their support and offering constructive criticism, the future of AEW looks brighter than ever.

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