Don Callis Speaks About the Most Successful Person in Wrestling


Don Callis Speaks About the Most Successful Person in Wrestling
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Don Callis is a famous wresting personality and he recently spoke about who he believes is the most successful person in professional wrestling right now. Don Callis used to be closely associated to Kenny Omega. For a very long time, Don Callis and Kenny Omega were friends on-screen.

Don was with Kenny when he Kenny won the AEW World Title. It was during this time that Kenny was winning titles back to back. Kenny even held the Impact World Title at the time Don Callis was with him.

Don Callis Calls Himself the Most Successful Person in Professional Wrestling

In May, Don betrayed Kenny Omega.

Since then, Don has created The Don Callis’ family, which is a heel group. Konosuke Takeshita, Sammy Guevara and Powerhouse Hobbs are members of this group. Konosuke has beaten Kenny on three separate occasions. Sammy joined the group after he betrayed Chris Jericho.

Before joining The Don Callis’ family, Sammy was part of the Jericho Appreciation Society. Powerhouse Hobbs recently defeated Chris Jericho in a very dominant fashion. Don was recently present on the Busted Open Radio where he started bragging about his family’s success.

Tommy Dreamer is the co-host at Busted Open and is Don Callis’ former ECW colleague. Don was primarily bragging about his success to Dreamer. He wanted to make it clear that he sees his family as a utopian place. So he doesn’t see himself as “the daddy” of the group.

"What I am is the most successful person right now in professional wrestling," Callis said. "Because I have done all of this without putting myself at risk, or others in my family. And we've only scratched the surface. Kenny Omega hasn't won a match in 12 weeks? When has that ever happened? That's because of me.

The real god of pro wrestling was never Kenny Omega. The real god of pro wrestling is me." Callis’ group has so far been able to pass through all the adversities without any problem. They have handled the adversities so well that they soon may have no serious problem left for them in AEW.

Omega was attacked by the entire group and due to that has been absent from AEW for a week. Don hit Omega with a chair to the head during that assault. Jericho is also expected to take time off after he got beaten by Hobbs as Jericho ended up in the hospital due to the injuries that he sustained during that match.