Real1 (Ex-WWE Enzo Amore) Comments on AEW Ticket Sales


Real1 (Ex-WWE Enzo Amore) Comments on AEW Ticket Sales
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Former WWE superstar known as Enzo Amore, now recognized as Real1, has spoken out in support of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) amidst criticism over noticeable gaps in their arenas. A snapshot circulating on social platforms from a recent AEW event showcased a noticeably vacant side of the stadium, sparking a flurry of negative feedback targeting AEW's popularity.

Real1, never one to shy away from voicing his opinions, provided some insight via social media channels into the factors possibly contributing to the slowdown in ticket sales. "There are numerous misrepresentations and ill-intentioned narratives being spread about AEW's audiences and ticket sales, showcasing images of unoccupied chairs.

Let's delve into the actual reasons," he began.

Promotion and Pricing Issues

Highlighting the lack of aggressive promotional tactics, Real1 emphasized, "Whenever AEW has robustly promoted an event, like they did for Grand Slam with appearances on news outlets, the tickets witness brisk sales.

They need to amplify this approach. Their current promotional push doesn't seem adequate." He then touched upon the matter of ticket pricing, noting, "Increasing ticket rates might deter some fans. We've got to realize not everyone can splurge on higher prices.

Reverting to the initial pricing strategy of AEW might be worth considering." According to data from Ticketsmarter, the price range for upcoming AEW events varies considerably. Some start as low as $24, but others climb up to an eyebrow-raising $59.

Real1 also touched upon another crucial aspect, citing AEW's frequency of events in the same cities. "Repeatedly hosting multiple events in one city in a condensed timeframe can lead to audience fatigue," he remarked. Despite these concerns, Real1 remains optimistic about AEW's quality and attributes the sparse audience in parts of the arena to the mentioned factors rather than any deficiency in the product.

However, AEW enthusiasts have reasons to stay upbeat. The anticipation builds for their next marquee pay-per-view event, Full Gear. Slated for November 18, 2023, at the Kia Forum in California, this could serve as the catalyst for a resurgence in ticket sales.

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