AEW's Adam Copeland Concerns Timing of Wrestling Retirement


AEW's Adam Copeland Concerns Timing of Wrestling Retirement
AEW's Adam Copeland Concerns Timing of Wrestling Retirement © Wrestling Battle/YouTube

AEW's recent acquisition, Adam Copeland, sat down with the Toronto Sun to shed light on the circumstances that would prompt his eventual exit from the wrestling ring. The criteria? The sensation of redundancy. Adam Copeland remarked, "The very moment this profession feels stale is when I'll know it's time to hang up my boots.

Experiencing such adrenaline and raw emotion should never feel old. If it does, then there's something amiss. Those moments inside the ring are electrifying. As a lifelong wrestling enthusiast, I remember the thrill of watching these moments unfold from the other side.

Now, being a catalyst of that excitement for fans? It's unparalleled."

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The iconic wrestler's sentiments come shortly after sealing the deal with All Elite Wrestling. Though he has just kick-started this chapter with AEW, retirement seems to be a distant thought.

The audience recently witnessed Copeland's commendable in-ring prowess on "AEW Dynamite" where he clinched a victory against Luchasaurus. Delving deeper into the world of AEW, Adam Copeland is currently navigating an intricate narrative involving his erstwhile WWE tag team mate, Christian Cage.

Interestingly, their association extends beyond the professional realm; they share a bond in real life. The current plot arc had Copeland proposing a tag team formation to Cage in AEW. However, Cage, showcasing his heel persona, declined.

The tension between the duo escalated at WrestleDream when Adam Copeland refrained from assaulting Sting with a chair, choosing instead to confront Cage's associates. As Copeland's journey with AEW unfolds, fans are eager to see how his story with Cage evolves.

However, despite the drama and action, it's heartening to see Adam Copeland's genuine passion for wrestling remain undiminished.

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