Bryan Danielson Hints at Final AEW Deal, Retirement Possible


Bryan Danielson Hints at Final AEW Deal, Retirement Possible
Bryan Danielson Hints at Final AEW Deal, Retirement Possible © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

Bryan Danielson, one of professional wrestling's most admired talents, has opened up about the trajectory of his illustrious career. While he had once stepped away from the squared circle, his current tenure in AEW grants him an autonomy over his wrestling narrative.

Recently, during a candid chat on "Sports Nightly", Danielson shed light on his evolving perspective towards full-time wrestling. Danielson elaborated, "Though the thought of complete retirement isn't appealing to me, there's a realization that I cannot continue at this full-throttle pace." He went on to hint, "The contract I'm currently under might very well be the last one I ink.

Although nothing's set in stone, I'm contemplating stepping away from the demanding schedule of a full-time wrestler once this contract concludes. This year holds special significance for me. It's an opportunity to relish my time in the spotlight before embracing newer roles in life."

Family Over Fame

The AEW luminary isn't just reflecting upon this from a career standpoint.

Family plays a pivotal role in his decision-making. "Being there for my kids is paramount. Especially now, when they crave my presence so deeply. My daughter, at six, cherishes our time together. As she grows and evolves, her inclination towards her father might wane.

I want to be there, genuinely present, while she yearns for it," Danielson emotionally conveyed. Beyond the bonds of family, there's another tangible reason driving Danielson's introspection: the physical toll of wrestling.

At 42, the consideration of how his body might cope with the rigors of full-time wrestling as he approaches his 50s is not lost on him. Taking a leaf out of the books of legends like Terry Funk and Jerry "The King" Lawler, Danielson contemplates adopting a part-time wrestling role in the ensuing chapters of his career.

As this news unfolds, fans and industry watchers await further insights on what the future holds for this wrestling maestro. While complete retirement might not be on the cards, a recalibrated journey certainly seems to be.

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