Dustin Rhodes on Blood in His Match

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Dustin Rhodes on Blood in His Match

Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes fought each other and AEW Double or Nothing. The match turned out to be a super bloody one. It was a brother vs. brother match. It was also considered an era vs. era match and Cody Rhodes stated that the Attitude Era was overrated.

Dustin spoke about the blood of his that was involved in the match. "I know a lot of people were worried. I was worried. You do it and you saw it streaming out and it's like, oh no, I went a little bit too deep and then 10 minutes go by and you're like now I'm starting to worry a little bit," admitted Dustin.

"The ring is all red. I can't see; it's all in my eyes. I am trying to wipe it out but it just keeps shooting out to my heartbeat. It gets scary, but then after 15 minutes I'm like, I'm going to be okay. It's going to be fine.

You saw the fans' faces in the front row and in the arena they are just horrified but into it. They can't take their eyes off of it and it was an incredible man. I was so happy. I was so glad to be a part of that and I hope I did Cody proud”. Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes will team up at a future AEW event and take on The Young Bucks.