CM Punk Speaks About Reports on WWE and CM Punk


CM Punk Speaks About Reports on WWE and CM Punk
CM Punk Speaks About Reports on WWE and CM Punk © Dave Adamson/WrestleTalk

CM Punk was released by AEW after he had another backstage fight. This time, it was was Jack Perry. Jack disrespected CM Punk during one of his matches, and that didn’t bode well with CM Punk. Although the details of the fights are still unclear, this was the second time that CM Punk was involved in a backstage brawl.

Bully Ray Believes that WWE is Trying to Misdirect to Surprise Fans

Many reports suggested that most of the locker room did not want CM Punk to be part of AEW, as he was taking away the limelight from The Elite. The Elite and CM Punk had a backstage fight after AEW All Out 2022.

So, CM Punk was already not very popular among the Elite’s friends when he returned to AEW a few months ago. Many people believe that CM Punk is not done with wrestling. Many people believe that CM Punk will start working for the WWE again.

A few reports suggested that CM Punk will show up at WWE Survivor Series. The WWE shot these reports down. Bully Ray, the co-host of Busted Open Radio, believes that this is a misdirection on WWE’s part. "I'm wondering if Punk is actually gonna be at Survivor Series," Bully said, "and this whole stuff ...

about WWE saying 'Thanks but no thanks' is a ruse." Bully said. Bully doesn’t know whether CM Punk is a toxic asset in the locker room. The WWE might think that bringing Punk into the WWE is probably not worth the trouble if the reports about Punk being toxic are true.

"I go by what my own eyes see and my own ears hear," Bully said. "I've heard plenty of people put him over and say he really tries to help”. Bully believes that CM Punk is misunderstood by the companies that he has worked for.

This is because Bully believes he was misunderstood back in his time as well. "There is a chance that Punk is a very misunderstood personality," Bully continued. "When you are brutally honest in the wrestling business ... you're normally in the ultra-minority, and people don't know how to deal with brutally honest people in wrestling." The WWE Survivor Series PPV is apparently going to be a big one. The demand for this PPV event is super high and WWE is looking to sell more tickets.

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