Jon Moxley Stuns Fans at AEW Collision, Post Tag Title Match


Jon Moxley Stuns Fans at AEW Collision, Post Tag Title Match
Jon Moxley Stuns Fans at AEW Collision, Post Tag Title Match © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

In a thrilling twist at AEW Collision, Ricky Starks kept the audience on the edge of their seats as he and his ongoing rivalry with Bryan Danielson’s Blackpool Combat Club reached new heights. The spotlight was on Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta of Blackpool Combat Club as they took on the formidable duo of Ricky Starks and Big Bill for the coveted AEW World Tag Team Championships.

The champions, having secured their titles in a brisk encounter with FTR on the October 7 edition of "AEW Collision," faced a grueling challenge in their first title defense. Contrasting their previous bout, this match unfolded into a prolonged and intensely competitive battle, showcasing the best of what AEW has to offer.

From the outset, Starks and Big Bill executed a strategic game plan, frequently tagging in and out to keep Yuta isolated and away from his corner. This relentless approach paid dividends until Castagnoli, having been temporarily incapacitated by Starks, managed to tag back into the match, swiftly shifting the momentum in their favor.

Castagnoli, showcasing agility and strength, walked the top rope and delivered a spectacular move, mirroring Starks' own style.

Tide Turns in Bout

However, the tide turned once again as Yuta tagged back in, momentarily losing their grasp on the match.

It was only when Castagnoli re-entered the fray, executing his signature swinging maneuver, that the balance was restored. Yet, just as victory seemed within reach, The House of Black intervened for the third time that night, tipping the scales in favor of Starks and Big Bill.

In the aftermath, as The House of Black launched an assault on a battered Yuta, allies Bryan Danielson and FTR rushed to the rescue, creating a chaotic and electrifying atmosphere in the arena. The crowd erupted as Jon Moxley made his triumphant return, clearing the ring of The House of Black, Ricky Starks, and Big Bill with a ferocious intensity.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Moxley didn't stop there, unleashing an unexpected attack on Orange Cassidy, who was en route to the ring for the upcoming Battle of the Belts special. This tumultuous night at AEW Collision undeniably left the wrestling world buzzing, as Jon Moxley’s unanticipated actions and the high-stakes tag team championship battle took center stage, guaranteeing this episode will be etched in the annals of AEW history.

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