Adam Copeland Dishes on the Creative Behind-the-Scenes World of Pro Wrestling


Adam Copeland Dishes on the Creative Behind-the-Scenes World of Pro Wrestling
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In a shocking turn of events that left the wrestling world abuzz, Adam Copeland, globally renowned as Edge from his 25-year WWE career, made a stunning debut at AEW's WrestleDream 2023 on October 1st. His transition came as a massive surprise, especially given that WWE inducted him into its Hall of Fame back in 2012.

Many had speculated that Copeland would end his storied wrestling journey with WWE, but his contract expiration on September 30th heralded an unexpected new chapter. Copeland is already poised to dive into a compelling feud with Christian Cage, his lifelong friend and former tag-team collaborator.

The seasoned performer opened up about his seismic shift to AEW during a recent appearance on The Battleground Podcast, emphasizing how his new home allows him to engage more intensively in the creative process. "Every platform has its ups and downs, but being deeply involved in the creative aspect here is truly fulfilling," Copeland remarked.

"Although WWE did afford me some creative liberties, the luxury of consistently contributing to the narrative on a weekly basis in AEW is a game-changer. You can't immerse yourself fully if you're appearing sporadically every few months, which was increasingly becoming the case for me."

Unity Over Division

Further expanding his perspective, Copeland urged fans to appreciate the broader landscape of professional wrestling.

In a climate where social media is often divisive, especially among WWE and AEW loyalists, Copeland, now one of Tony Khan's newest assets, emphasized that competition enriches the industry. "As a perennial wrestling fan myself, the beauty lies in the variety of wrestling content out there.

Whether you're a WWE devotee or an AEW enthusiast, the essence is the same—it's all pro wrestling," he stated. "Our shared passion should unify us rather than create factions. After all, we all love this amazing sport, and that’s what truly matters." With Copeland's esteemed legacy and fresh creative ambitions, his tenure at AEW is off to an electrifying start.

As he settles into his new role, fans can undoubtedly expect storylines that will both captivate and entertain, enhancing the global appeal of professional wrestling.

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