Konnan: AEW Repeating Rey Mysterio Saga with Young Star

Diving deep, Konnan sheds light on AEW's latest saga.

by Atia Mukhtar
Konnan: AEW Repeating Rey Mysterio Saga with Young Star

Veteran wrestling icon, Konnan, has recently voiced his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) current narrative arc featuring 18-year-old prodigy, Nick Wayne. Konnan draws parallels between this unfolding story and the WWE's renowned Rey Mysterio-Dominik Mysterio saga.

The discussion unfolded on his podcast, “Keepin It 100,” where he meticulously dissected the storyline’s nuances. At the heart of this controversy is Wayne’s shocking decision at WrestleDream, where he turned his back on mentor Darby Allin, opting instead to align himself with Christian Cage.

This development was further explored in a gripping sit-down interview on the latest edition of Dynamite, featuring Nick Wayne alongside his mother. Wayne’s mother, taken aback by her son's actions, attempted to make sense of the situation on air.

She recounted the harsh words Cage had once directed at her and her husband, urging her son to reconsider his choices. Despite her efforts, Wayne’s frustration boiled over as he expressed his feelings of oppression under Allin’s wing and his newfound connection with Cage, who he now sees as a father figure.

The segment left his mother visibly shaken.

Konnan Highlights Parallels

Konnan, dissecting the storyline, couldn’t help but draw comparisons with the Mysterios’ WWE storyline, noting the uncanny similarities in narrative structure and emotional tension.

He remarked on the authenticity of the performance, particularly praising Christian Cage for his compelling portrayal in the unfolding drama. "What unfolded next was pure, unadulterated chaos. As Wayne and Cage prepared to exit, they were met with a furious onslaught led by Darby Allin.

The brawl that ensued carried all the way to the entrance ramp, drawing in AEW stalwarts, Luchasaurus and the legendary Sting. A moment of heightened tension saw Sting attempt his iconic Scorpion Deathlock on Cage, only for Luchasaurus to intervene, bringing the tumultuous segment to a close.

For wrestling enthusiasts and casual viewers alike, this storyline encapsulates the drama, intensity, and unpredictability that defines AEW. With narrative threads weaving through real emotions and on-screen personas, it’s a testament to the storytelling prowess of the promotion, ensuring that eyes remain glued to the screen, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping saga.

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