Diamond Dallas Page Teams Up With Ex-AEW Star in Exciting New Collaboration


Diamond Dallas Page Teams Up With Ex-AEW Star in Exciting New Collaboration
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In an exciting revelation for fitness and wrestling enthusiasts alike, wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) has announced an imminent collaboration with former AEW star, Brandi Rhodes. Utilizing the expansive reach of X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), DDP expressed his enthusiasm about teaming up with Rhodes for a special session on his widely acclaimed DDP Yoga app.

In this exclusive event, Rhodes is slated to take on the role of guest host for a live workout session.

Rhodes, who has made significant strides in her own wellness journey, is on the verge of launching her unique fitness venture, Mind Studio.

The studio is set to offer a holistic blend of yoga and pilates, catering to the fitness community both virtually and through a physical location nestled in Roswell, Georgia. Page’s collaboration is not just a testament to their professional camaraderie but also a strategic move to spotlight Rhodes’ prowess as a fitness coach.

Fans and fitness enthusiasts can look forward to engaging snippets and videos featuring the duo, as well as glimpses of Rhodes in her element, coaching and motivating the class. The announcement follows Rhodes’ July statement, where she shared her intentions of opening Mind Studio.

She devoted over 200 hours to intensive training in yoga and pilates, a journey that not only prepared her for this new entrepreneurial chapter but also aided her in overcoming postpartum depression. Rhodes has since achieved certification in both disciplines, a feat she attributes to her unwavering dedication and the transformative power of these wellness practices.

DDP's Yoga Triumph

Page, on the other hand, has carved a successful niche for himself post his wrestling career with the DDP Yoga program. His innovative approach to fitness has garnered a substantial following, benefiting numerous individuals both inside and outside the wrestling realm.

His enduring friendship with the Rhodes family, dating back to his close ties with the late, great Dusty Rhodes, has remained a constant. Page's connection with the family extended into his time with AEW, where he was warmly embraced as a member of the Nightmare Family during Cody Rhodes’ tenure.

This collaboration not only marks a reunion of two stalwart figures in the wrestling world but also highlights their shared commitment to promoting wellness and resilience through the transformative practice of yoga.

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