Cody Rhodes' Throne Breaker Shirt Released

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Cody Rhodes' Throne Breaker Shirt Released

All Elite Wrestling recently made a “Throne Breaker” t-shirt. It is related to Cody Rhodes AEW Double or Nothing entrance. It was when Cody Rhodes entered for his match against his brother Dusting Rhodes. During the entrance he took a sledgehammer and took it to a throne which resembled a Triple H throne.

He then smashed that throne, probably signaling that Triple H is not the king of kings anymore. He spoke about the angle during the “Road to Fyter” series. "A lot of people may have misinterpreted the throne element at Double Or Nothing, but if it meant anything, and I'm sure it means a lot to different people, but if it meant anything, it meant that I was not going to be an executive first, I was going to be a wrestler first, and this is a part of it," Rhodes said.

"That more than anything, not so much a shot at Triple H. More of a shot at to dive into that role. I want to be a wrestler first and foremost. I'm not done. I know people think Kenny is the best”. Cody Rhodes fought Dustin Rhodes and the match turned out to be a very bloody one.

The entire ring was almost covered in blood, and many fans were surprised to see so much blood involved in the match, as we have not seen anything like that from the WWE for many years.