Chris Jericho Reflects on Career Milestones in Exclusive AEW Interview


Chris Jericho Reflects on Career Milestones in Exclusive AEW Interview
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In a multifaceted career that spans wrestling, music, acting, and podcasting, AEW's Chris Jericho recently opened up about the achievements he holds dearest. Speaking on "The Allison Hagendorf Show," Jericho revealed that it's the diversity in his endeavors and the strong fanbase he's cultivated that brings him the most pride.

"What really gratifies me is the broad range of projects I've been involved in, and the fact that my fanbase trusts my judgment on these adventures," Jericho articulated. "My approach has always been guided by passion and creativity rather than financial gain.

I steer clear of projects that don't intrigue me on a creative level." Arguably the crown jewel of his varied career is the Jericho Cruise, an innovative fusion of wrestling, music, comedy, and podcasting that sails on the high seas.

The concept was birthed after Fozzy, Jericho's rock band, participated in the Kiss Cruise in 2015.

Jericho's Sea Jewel

"The moment we docked, I picked up the phone and called my manager, who is also my partner for the cruise, and said, 'I have a groundbreaking idea,'" he recalled.

The maiden voyage of the Jericho Cruise set sail in 2018, featuring professional wrestling matches conducted on the ocean—a feat made possible through Jericho's own patented technology that utilizes water cubes beneath the ring to ensure performers' safety.

Since its inception, the Jericho Cruise has not only continued but flourished, with four voyages completed and a fifth planned for 2024. These cruises offer a comprehensive entertainment package, featuring live rock concerts, comedy shows, and even an episode of "AEW Dynamite" broadcasted in 2020.

This endeavor epitomizes Jericho's commitment to giving fans a unique experience that blends his many talents and interests. It's an epitaph to a career that defies categorization, highlighting how Chris Jericho continues to redefine what it means to be an entertainer in the modern era.

Jericho's ability to successfully merge his various passions into a single venture speaks volumes about his ingenuity and proves why he remains a towering figure in the realms of wrestling and entertainment at large.

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