Fright Night Victory: AEW Women's Champ Hikaru Shida Triumphs at Collision

A Halloween spectacle unlike any other unfolded in AEW.

by Atia Mukhtar
Fright Night Victory: AEW Women's Champ Hikaru Shida Triumphs at Collision
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In a spine-chilling encounter that lived up to its Fright Night Fight billing, AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida successfully defended her title against the formidable Abadon last night. Shida, who won the championship in a special episode of "AEW Dynamite" on October 10, 2023, competing head-to-head against WWE's NXT, has been a dominant force in the division.

This wasn't the first time Shida and Abadon clashed; they previously squared off during Abadon's AEW debut in 2020. The high-stakes bout unfolded on "AEW Rampage," where Abadon earned her title shot by winning a nail-biting four-way number one contender's match.

From the get-go, both wrestlers showed no reservations about employing weapons, whether it be skeleton bones or trash cans, to gain an edge. The crowd was electrified, chanting, "We want pumpkins!"— a request that would soon be fulfilled in the most entertaining manner.

Festive Aerial Duel

Shida, seizing an early opportunity, took to the top rope with a broom in hand, attempting a daring aerial move. Abadon, showcasing her ring awareness, dodged the flying maneuver and momentarily exited the ring to retrieve a bat.

Adding a Halloween twist, Abadon later spilled a bag of candy over the mat, blending the festive and the ferocious. The crowd's pumpkin wishes came true when Shida creatively integrated a carved pumpkin into the bout. Placing the pumpkin over Abadon's head, Shida delivered a running knee strike, leading to a spectacular, pumpkin-smashing victory.

However, Shida's celebrations were abruptly cut short as Toni Storm made her way to the ringside. The ensuing face-off between Shida and Storm was electric, with both competitors exchanging heated words from a distance, setting the stage for what could be another high-profile rivalry in the AEW Women's Division.

This Fright Night Fight will undoubtedly go down in AEW history as one of the most unconventional and entertaining matches, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of Halloween. It adds another chapter to Hikaru Shida's reign, while also laying the groundwork for exciting future storylines, most notably with Toni Storm.

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