MJF Dethrones Kenny Omega, Sets AEW Title Reign Record at Collision

A clash of titans unfolded on AEW's "Collision."

by Atia Mukhtar
MJF Dethrones Kenny Omega, Sets AEW Title Reign Record at Collision
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In a contest that had AEW fans on the edge of their seats, MJF successfully defended his AEW World Heavyweight Championship against Kenny Omega, the longest-reigning AEW champion, in a high-octane bout that took place on tonight's episode of "Collision." This match was more than just a title defense; it was a battle for legacy, as Omega, who held the championship for a record 346 days, was eyeing to retain his historical feat.

MJF, two days short of breaking Omega's record, agreed to the match last Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite," setting the stage for a monumental collision. If Omega had emerged victorious, he would have retained his title as the longest-reigning AEW World Champion and possibly altered the main event for AEW Full Gear, where Jay White is poised for a championship shot.

A segment during "Collision" heightened the drama when MJF momentarily grabbed the title belt, only to relinquish it and exit the ringside area.

High-Stakes Showdown

The match got underway with an evenly contested opening sequence, as both competitors showcased their wrestling prowess before a divided audience.

Dramatic moments unfurled outside the ring as well; Omega landed a powerbomb on MJF through a table, elevating the stakes and the excitement levels for the viewing audience. The two warriors, visibly fatigued but relentless, shifted gears as they traded a series of strikes, chops, and high-impact maneuvers that would be finishing moves in most contests.

But this was no ordinary match. Just when it seemed that Omega was on the verge of reclaiming his throne, an unexpected interference from Don Callis shifted the momentum in MJF's favor, leading to a near fall. MJF capitalized on the distraction with an attempted Panama Sunrise, countered by Omega into a small package for another near fall.

It was MJF's second Panama Sunrise and a heat seeker that eventually sealed the deal, allowing him to successfully defend his title and break Omega's longstanding record. In a rare moment of sportsmanship, the two competitors shook hands after the match, closing an unforgettable chapter in AEW history.

With this victory, MJF solidifies his position at the pinnacle of All Elite Wrestling, raising questions about what challenges lie ahead for him and who may be the next contender to his now-historic title reign.

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