Mark Henry Highlights AEW Triumphs Over Setbacks


Mark Henry Highlights AEW Triumphs Over Setbacks
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Mark Henry, an influential figure in the wrestling world, has recently shed light on the notable achievements of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), providing insights into why the promotion has experienced a surge of successes, eclipsing its shortcomings.

In an engaging and insightful discussion on the "A to Z Podcast," Henry meticulously outlined the aspects that have played a pivotal role in AEW's impressive journey thus far. He highlighted the promotion's strategic talent acquisitions and their commitment to fostering growth within their Women's Division as crucial elements contributing to their success.

"Being a relatively young entity in the wrestling universe, AEW has undoubtedly faced its share of challenges," Henry remarked. "However, their triumphs have far outweighed the setbacks. Take Darby Allin, for example – he stands out as one of my top favorites on the global wrestling stage.

The promotion's decision to bring in the promising talent, Nick Wayne, and provide him with the time and space to develop is commendable. Additionally, the resurgence of the Women’s Division is noteworthy. They initially gained significant momentum about a year and a half ago, and now we're witnessing a resurgence, fueled by the return of key athletes to full health."

Embracing Old School Style

Henry further praised AEW for their approach to taping shows, describing it as "old school style," a method he personally appreciates.

He emphasized that while AEW has made commendable strides, like any organization, there is always room for improvement and growth. "Drawing from my diverse experience within AEW, spanning roles from coaching, backstage interviewing, to commentary on 'AEW Rampage,' I am optimistic about the future of this promotion," Henry concluded.

"With additional support and resources, I believe AEW is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory, solidifying its presence in the wrestling world." This insightful analysis from "The World's Strongest Man," who joined the AEW family in May 2021, underscores the positive direction in which AEW is heading, further cementing its reputation as a major player in the wrestling arena.

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