Latest Update on Abadon’s Anticipated AEW Comeback


Latest Update on Abadon’s Anticipated AEW Comeback
Latest Update on Abadon’s Anticipated AEW Comeback © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

In a thrilling return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) last Friday on "AEW Rampage," Abadon clinched a formidable victory against Anna Jay, Skye Blue, and Willow Nightingale, securing a coveted opportunity to vie for Hikaru Shida's AEW Women's World title.

However, the subsequent week on "AEW Collision" witnessed a dramatic turn of events as Abadon's valiant efforts fell short in a Fright Night match against Shida, leaving the wrestling community abuzz. The latest insights from "Fightful Select" have now shed light on Abadon's hiatus from the AEW spotlight, attributing it to a previously undisclosed injury.

The report reveals that Abadon received medical clearance to re-enter the ring just in time for last week’s "AEW Dynamite," marking the end of their absence since the June 14 episode of "Dynamite." During that hiatus, Abadon showcased their resilience and fighting spirit in a Pro Wrestling REVOLVER event on October 14, though they ultimately succumbed to Matthew Palmer in a grueling Texas Casket match.

Unraveling Abadon's Hiatus

Digging deeper into Abadon’s journey, "Fightful Select" notes that there has been no concrete information regarding the reasons behind AEW’s decision not to feature Abadon in their programming prior to the injury.

Notably, Abadon’s last appearance on "Rampage" prior to last Friday dates back to the October 29, 2021 episode, wherein they faced off against Dr. Britt Baker DMD in a "Trick or Treat" match. Tracing Abadon’s trajectory with AEW, it is noteworthy that their association with the wrestling giant began in June 2020, following a triumphant bout against Anna Jay on "Dynamite." Abadon quickly became a familiar face on AEW’s YouTube shows, "Dark" and "Dark: Elevation," before they were eventually discontinued. Their official signing with AEW marked the beginning of a new chapter, solidifying their place in the wrestling realm.


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