Mark Henry Speaks About Kenny Omega’s and MJF’s Match


Mark Henry Speaks About Kenny Omega’s and MJF’s Match
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Mark Henry is a WWE Hall of Famer, and he recently spoke about Kenny Omega and MJF’s mega match that took place on AEW Collision this week. MJF is currently AEW’s biggest star and Kenny Omega is well known throughout the world as one of the best technical wrestlers in the world right now.

Many people believed that the two wrestlers should have collided with each other at a PPV event as they are big stars.

Mark Henry Believes That The Match Should Have Taken Place at a PPV Event

It turns out that most people were correct!

MJF and Kenny put out one of the best matches that AEW has ever produced. Many people believe that this match should never have taken place on free TV and was announced only 3 days prior to taking place. MJF managed to retain his AEW World Title that night.

"There's no way that should have been free," Henry said on "Busted Open" this week. "I would have charged everybody to see that [laughs]. That's a dream match. It had pay-per-view written all over it — unbelievable from beginning to end, and somebody like a Kenny Omega almost deserves the pay-per-view platform.

Maxwell, as good as he is, I even see there's room for improvement — he's going to be so much better in the next two to three years. His psychology is tremendous, and his ability to captivate the audiences and pull people in ...

for a young guy, he's beyond his years. Absolutely incredible." After the victory, MJF decided to meet the Bullet Club Gold with three mystery partners. That match is going to take place on AEW Dynamite. It will be an eight man tag team match.

This is going to setup the match between MJF and Jay White, who is currently the leader of Bullet Club Gold. The match will take place at Full Gear pay-per-view. Omega is set to team up with Chris Jericho to fight Matt Menard and Angelo Parker this week.

Many people believe that AEW probably did this to get a massive boost in ratings. Many people can see AEW declining slowly and steadily as their ratings are at an all time low. At one time, many hardcore wrestling fans that wished to see WWE fail thought that AEW could make the WWE go out of business. However, it appears that pretty soon, we may see AEW struggle to survive as well.

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