Timothy Thatcher Details Origin of AEW Match with Bryan Danielson

Thatcher Reflects on Wrestling Danielson Amidst Global Commitments.

by Atia Mukhtar
Timothy Thatcher Details Origin of AEW Match with Bryan Danielson
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As the wrestling world buzzed with anticipation for AEW Revolution 2023, Bryan Danielson faced a formidable gauntlet: five consecutive wins for a title opportunity. Within this series, Timothy Thatcher emerged as a noteworthy opponent, despite his active contract with Japan's Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Thatcher recently shared behind-the-scenes details of his one-off AEW match with Danielson on "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast," a story of international coordination and athletic dedication that showcased the dynamism of professional wrestling.

In a testament to the global nature of the sport, Thatcher's tale began in Japan, far from AEW's American heartland. "I get this buzz at 1 AM because of the time difference," Thatcher explained. "It's AEW, asking if I'd face Danielson on TV next week.

Sure, but I'm across the Pacific, and there's a bout with NOAH on my calendar." What followed was a whirlwind: Thatcher jetted from Tokyo to Dayton, Ohio, clashed with Danielson in the ring, then returned to Japan without missing a beat.

Thatcher's Ring Zenith

The match with Danielson was a professional high for Thatcher. "I was jet-lagged, sure, but wrestling someone of Danielson's caliber, you just go with it," Thatcher said. "He's not only the most renowned wrestler I've faced, but his skill is unparalleled." Their encounter, lasting just shy of 14 minutes, was more than a match; it was a ballet of brutality choreographed by two masters of the mat, largely improvised due to their limited preparation time.

Thatcher's confidence in Danielson's ring generalship allowed him to perform at a level that left the audience in awe, despite the logistical hurdles and jet lag. This matchup served as a vivid example of AEW's commitment to delivering high-caliber, diverse wrestling entertainment.

It was a clash of styles and promotions, a dance of discipline and spontaneity, all woven into the fabric of AEW's expansive narrative. As this match aired, wrestling enthusiasts were reminded that the sport transcends boundaries, both geographical and promotional, uniting fans and wrestlers alike in their passion for the squared circle.

Such impromptu spectacles not only boost ratings but also reinforce AEW's reputation for unpredictability and excitement, further fueling anticipation for their marquee events. With talents like Thatcher willing to traverse continents for the love of the game, it's clear that the wrestling world is as interconnected as it is passionate, promising more such exhilarating encounters for fans around the globe.

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