Bully Ray Hails It Brilliant if Ex-AEW Wrestler Is 'Demon' Incognito

Wrestling legend sparks rumors with daring on-air prediction.

by Noman Rasool
Bully Ray Hails It Brilliant if Ex-AEW Wrestler Is 'Demon' Incognito

In the gripping narrative that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been crafting, a mysterious figure under a demon mask has the wrestling community abuzz with speculation. This shadowy individual, who has been creeping into the storyline through cryptic appearances on "AEW Dynamite" and "AEW Collision," first unleashed their presence on September 27 by ambushing Jay White.

Since then, this enigmatic persona has intermittently surfaced, always eluding identification and raising questions after each of MJF's encounters, effectively exonerating the reigning AEW World Champion from suspicion. The wrestling fanbase, always eager to crack the code, has put forth an array of possibilities ranging from Adam Cole to Britt Baker.

More adventurous guesses have cast the net wider, pulling in names like New Japan Pro-Wrestling's David Finlay or the controversially sidelined Jack Perry. However, during a segment on "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray, the WWE Hall of Famer, threw a curveball that set the rumour mill into overdrive.

Bully Ray's Bold Tease

In a playful yet thought-provoking statement, Bully Ray teased, "Imagine CM Punk is the one under that devil hood—that would be nothing short of sheer genius." He humorously suggested he'd take to the streets, proclaiming, "I would parade around Times Square with a sign proclaiming 'Tony Khan is a genius,' or even pucker up for a window display at Macy's if it comes true." Despite his tumultuous departure from AEW earlier this year following an altercation with Jack Perry, the enigmatic Punk has kept a low profile, spurring wild speculation about his future, with clues of a WWE move being squashed by several insiders.

A comeback under the demon mask would undeniably shake the foundations of AEW, delivering a high-impact storyline with top-tier names like MJF and Bullet Club Gold. Adding fuel to the speculative fire, sources have hinted that AEW's creative team is poised to deliver a stunning twist, ensuring that the revelation will echo through the wrestling world.

As the storyline thickens, fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for the grand unmasking. With AEW's track record of electrifying storytelling, the person behind the mask promises to ignite a new chapter of wrestling mayhem.

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