Kevin Sullivan's Blueprint for Crafting Sting's Retirement Saga in AEW

AEW's Sting embraces a new era, mentoring rising talent.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Sullivan's Blueprint for Crafting Sting's Retirement Saga in AEW
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As the sun begins to set on Sting's illustrious career, wrestling mastermind Kevin Sullivan has weighed in, suggesting the identity of Sting's final adversary in AEW is of less consequence than the momentous occasion itself.

Speaking on "Tuesdays With The Taskmaster," Sullivan emphasized the emotional resonance of Sting's final bow, stating, "It doesn't matter who he faces… be it Darby Allin or another competitor. That final embrace will elevate Sting's opponent and ensure no dry eye in attendance." Currently embroiled in a heated storyline, Sting and his ally Darby Allin are pitted against a formidable trio led by AEW TNT Champion Christian Cage, including Luchasaurus and the prodigious Nick Wayne.

The saga is set to escalate with Sting and Allin joining forces with Adam Copeland in a trios confrontation, with fans buzzing with anticipation.

Sting: Ageless Icon

Drawing inspiration from Clint Eastwood's Twilight performances, specifically the film "Unforgiven," Sting has similarly adapted his style to his veteran status, proving that age is no barrier to action in the ring.

Sullivan likens Sting to Muhammad Ali, not just in his ability to perform despite the odds but also in his capacity to boost AEW's newer stars, even if it means taking a loss. Sullivan reflects, "Ali's legacy wasn't tarnished by his latter struggles or defeats.

People remember the champion he was." While Darby Allin may seem the natural choice for Sting's retirement match, Sullivan proposes that Sting's final opponent is not the one he passes the torch to, as the event will be a pivotal moment for all of AEW.

The showdown is slated for AEW Revolution in 2024, with fans eagerly awaiting the date and venue announcement. This storied event promises to be a landmark in wrestling history, a fitting tribute to an athlete who has transcended the sport.

As we edge closer to this inevitable conclusion, the wrestling community braces for a heartfelt farewell to a legend who has left an indelible mark on the industry, forever defining what it means to be 'The Icon', Sting.

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