Paul Wight Discusses His AEW Commentary Role


Paul Wight Discusses His AEW Commentary Role
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Paul Wight, better known to wrestling fans around the globe, is eyeing a return to the commentary table in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), with the conviction that his insights could greatly benefit the promotion's rising stars.

The seasoned professional wrestler conveyed his enthusiasm for commentary in a recent interview on the "Battleground Podcast," highlighting his desire to explore various facets within the wrestling industry post-WWE tenure.

Wight's leap to AEW in early 2021 marked a significant shift in his storied career, as he embraced the role of commentator for AEW Dark: Elevation, the brand's digital platform show, alongside broadcasting veteran Tony Schiavone.

While his move from in-ring competition to ringside analysis was a transition, Wight affirmed his capability to convey the complexities and emotions of in-ring storytelling to a global audience, enriching the viewing experience.

Narrative Coaching Expertise

Elaborating on his unique approach as a mentor, Wight distanced himself from the more physically hands-on coaching style of his contemporaries, instead focusing on narrative enhancement. "While I may not be the trainer putting you through the paces in the gym, what I bring to the table is the ability to amplify our talent's narratives through broadcast storytelling," Wight remarked.

He credits this aptitude to his understanding of the craft, shaped by his own experiences as a performer reliant on commentary teams to bolster his character's journey. Wight also paid homage to iconic voices of the industry like Gordon Solie, as well as AEW's Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone, noting their profound impact on relaying a wrestler's psyche to viewers.

He aspires to match their level of narrative finesse, adding a layer of depth to AEW's programming. Despite his ambitions behind the microphone, Wight isn't hanging up his boots just yet. The giant of the ring confirmed he still harbors competitive aspirations, promising fans that they will witness more of his wrestling prowess before he settles into a full-time commentary role.

As AEW continues to carve its niche in the competitive world of professional wrestling, the addition of Paul Wight's seasoned perspective to its commentary team promises to be an invaluable asset in the cultivation of its talent and the enhancement of its product for fans worldwide.

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