Is Tony Khan Hype Hurting AEW? Eric Bischoff Thinks So


Is Tony Khan Hype Hurting AEW? Eric Bischoff Thinks So
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In the highly competitive world of professional wrestling, where surprises and bombshells are par for the course, AEW's Tony Khan has adopted a pattern of heralding "major announcements" that has recently come under scrutiny.

The anticipation surrounding these revelations has been met with mixed reactions, culminating in the latest announcement concerning All In 2024 ticket pre-sales, which left fans expressing their discontent across social media platforms.

Many felt let down, having anticipated news with more immediate impact on the wrestling landscape. Eric Bischoff, a figure with a storied history in wrestling promotion, voiced his concern on the podcast "Strictly Business," indicating that Khan might be alienating fans with frequent anticlimactic updates.

Bischoff emphasized the urgency of growth for AEW, noting, "You can only burn the audience so many times." He pointed to declining numbers and the lack of sustained momentum as warning signs for AEW's future.

Growth Beyond Events

Highlighting the vitality of growth indicators, Bischoff challenged AEW to demonstrate upward trends beyond one-off events like the much-discussed UK show, which he argues isn't a reliable measure of success.

His critique isn't rooted in malice; Bischoff has been vocal about his desire to see entities rise to challenge WWE's dominance, and he expresses frustration at missed opportunities to elevate AEW to that level. Khan's history of announcements, while diverse — from championship revivals and introductions to acquiring Ring of Honor and launching various AEW programming — still begs the question: Are these strategic moves engendering growth, or are they simply maintaining the status quo? As AEW continues to vie for a prominent place in the wrestling industry, the effectiveness of Khan's announcement strategy remains a crazy topic.

While some may view these announcements as mere ratings ploys, others see them as integral to keeping the brand dynamic and in the public eye. Fans and industry experts alike will be watching closely to see if Khan adjusts his approach in the wake of criticism, or if he will continue with business as usual, potentially risking fan disillusionment.

As AEW evolves, so too must its strategies — not just to captivate audiences, but to secure its place in the competitive arena of professional wrestling.

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