Rob Van Dam Reflects on Ric Flair's Surprise AEW Appearance


Rob Van Dam Reflects on Ric Flair's Surprise AEW Appearance
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The wrestling world was abuzz when "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair graced All Elite Wrestling (AEW) with an unexpected appearance, catching fans and colleagues alike off guard—a moment that was not foreseen by the masses.

Further heightening the excitement within AEW was Rob Van Dam's extended presence, which has been more than just a fleeting engagement. His ongoing partnership with HOOK not only delights fans but also serves as a nod to their shared ECW legacy.

On a recent installment of "1 Of A Kind," Van Dam expressed his own astonishment at Flair's sudden arrival. Reflecting on the episode that aired following Flair's debut, Van Dam recounted the backstage encounter he had with the wrestling legend right after stepping through the curtains from his "Dynamite" match.

The two exchanged words in a candid interaction just moments before Flair was set to make his way to the ring. Recalling the conversation, Van Dam said, "I just said 'Dude, what are you doing here?'" To which Flair casually responded, "Hey, I'm going to work, man." The exchange was light-hearted, with Van Dam querying, "Do they know you're here? The crowd?" Flair's reply: "No, I'm a surprise," hinted at the anticipation building backstage.

"He was coming out in the next segment. I was like 'Awesome. That's f***ing cool.' "

Rob Van Dam Philly Praise

Van Dam's fondness for Philadelphia, the heartland of ECW, was palpable as he added, "I love Philly, and that's so awesome that we're giving them such an awesome show with big surprises like that." He even stayed behind the scenes to gauge the crowd's reaction to Flair, eagerly anticipating the delight of the Philly fans at this unforeseen event.

In a significant move for AEW, Ric Flair has recently signed a multi-year contract with the organization, promising more memorable moments in the ring for fans to look forward to. Adding to the partnership, Flair's energy drink brand, Wooooo!

Energy, has now been crowned the official energy drink of Tony Khan's AEW, further cementing "The Nature Boy's" impact within the AEW realm.

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