Eddie Kingston Highlights Mental Health Significance in Wrestling Community

ROH Champion Eddie Kingston takes a stand on wellness.

by Atia Mukhtar
Eddie Kingston Highlights Mental Health Significance in Wrestling Community
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In the high-octane world of professional wrestling, topics like mental health have traditionally been left outside the ring. But Eddie Kingston, the reigning ROH World Champion and a prominent figure in AEW, is rewriting the script on this sensitive subject.

His recent candid discussion on the Adrian Hernandez podcast reveals a personal crusade to break the silence that has long shrouded mental health issues within the wrestling community and beyond. Kingston, who has courageously opened up about his own battles through a powerful narrative in "The Player's Tribune," is no stranger to the toll that mental health struggles can take.

He's witnessed firsthand the destructive path of suffering in silence, having lost friends who suffered without seeking help. It's a pattern he's seen within his own family as well, with relatives confronting their demons only later in life, after decades of internal battles.

"There's a history in my family, where dealing with mental health issues was always postponed until it seemed too late," Kingston reflects. "I've seen my uncles and other relatives wrestle with these problems during their prime years without seeking the help they needed.

It's not about having all the answers, but rather, beginning to seek them at the right time."

Kingston: Catalyst for Change

Kingston is resolute in his belief that the time for change is now. While he humbly declines the title of advocate, his actions speak volumes.

For Kingston, it's less about carrying a flag for a cause and more about sparking a life-altering realization in others. "I'm not trying to set myself up as a poster boy for mental health," Kingston asserts. "But if by speaking up, I can reach even one person—if just one person hears my story and thinks, 'Hey, I'm not alone in this,' and it helps them to take a step forward in their life, that's what counts." His message is clear and urgent: Conversations about mental health can no longer wait until the final bell.

They need to start now, resonating beyond the echoes of the cheering crowds and into the locker rooms and homes of fans and athletes alike. With Eddie Kingston leading the charge, the wrestling world might just be ready to embrace a new kind of strength—one that comes from vulnerability and shared struggles, reminding us that nobody is alone in their fight.

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