Lars Frederiksen of Rancid Suggests Next Move for CM Punk Wrestling Career


Lars Frederiksen of Rancid Suggests Next Move for CM Punk Wrestling Career
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Lars Frederiksen, the iconic vocalist of punk band Rancid and an acknowledged confidant of CM Punk, has recently expressed his vision for the celebrated wrestler’s future endeavors outside of AEW. On an episode of "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast," Frederiksen intimated that Punk’s next move in the ring should be fueled by genuine passion and suggested that Punk’s talents could be best showcased in Japan.

According to Frederiksen, who has been a steadfast follower of wrestling, there are limited promotions that could capture Punk’s interest and offer the kind of immersive experience he seeks. "If he were to come to me and ask where I think he should ply his craft next, without hesitation, I’d point him towards Japan," stated Frederiksen.

The vocalist believes that Japan could provide a platform for Punk to actualize a long-held dream, one that has eluded him throughout his illustrious career.

CM Punk Japanese Dream

At 52, Frederiksen reflects on Punk’s legacy and where he stands today, considering the potential twilight of his wrestling days.

"If I were in the position to manage his path, I’d advise him to venture to Japan and live out that part of his wrestling fantasy," he added. Punk, now approaching his 50s, has never fully committed to a Japanese wrestling promotion, despite making sporadic appearances in the country for Zero-One and under the WWE banner.

Meanwhile, wrestling icon Booker T has opined that Punk should consider concluding his wrestling journey within the United States, specifically pointing to TNA/Impact Wrestling as a fitting stage. NWA President Billy Corgan also extended an invitation to Punk, positioning his promotion as a viable option.

Speculations about Punk’s potential return at WWE’s Survivor Series have been rampant, though it’s been reported that WWE is not actively seeking to renegotiate with him. This development has stirred conversation among fans and analysts, setting the stage for a potential seismic shift in the wrestling landscape should Punk decide to explore the Japanese circuit, thereby fulfilling a career-long aspiration and adding yet another storied chapter to his already legendary tenure in professional wrestling.

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