Jim Cornette Believes Ric Flair to Eclipse Peers in AEW

AEW grapples with the impact of wrestling's enduring icons.

by Noman Rasool
Jim Cornette Believes Ric Flair to Eclipse Peers in AEW
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As the wrestling world prepares to bid farewell to an iconic figure, Sting has declared that his illustrious career will conclude with a final showdown at AEW's Revolution in 2024. This revelation was met with a significant gesture from AEW President Tony Khan, who has promised a special tribute to The Icon on an episode of Dynamite.

In a surprising twist, Sting's storied adversary, Ric Flair, stepped into the AEW spotlight, announcing his presence to accompany Sting through his final wrestling chapter. Ric Flair's arrival at AEW has not only altered Sting's retirement trajectory but has also raised intriguing questions about his own future in the company.

Flair, a WWE Hall of Famer, has secured a deal with AEW that extends well beyond Sting's retirement match. Fans and pundits alike are curious about the plans Khan has in store for Flair once The Icon has left the squared circle.

Amidst this backdrop of anticipation and uncertainty, wrestling commentator Jim Cornette has voiced skepticism on his Drive Thru podcast about the prudence of Flair's extended contract with AEW. Cornette suggests that Flair's formidable reputation might cast a shadow too large over the company's emerging talent, potentially creating a dichotomy between the revered veteran and the up-and-coming stars.

Legends Overshadow New Talent

Cornette underscores a pervasive industry challenge where venerable, non-active wrestling legends inadvertently eclipse current performers, making it arduous for newer athletes to attain prominence.

This dynamic could potentially foster discontent within AEW's locker room, as younger wrestlers grapple with the reality of enduring the physical toll of the sport while legends like Flair receive accolades for non-combative contributions.

While recognizing Flair's legendary status and his pivotal role in wrestling's history, Cornette casts doubt on Flair's potential to adapt to a modern wrestling environment that has evolved significantly since his days as a booker.

The Nature Boy's in-ring days may be behind him, and his ability to contribute meaningfully to the current landscape of AEW remains a subject of speculation. With the future storyline of Ric Flair in AEW shrouded in mystery, the spotlight turns to Andrade El Idolo, Flair's son-in-law.

El Idolo has hinted at the possibility of seeking managerial guidance, with CJ Perry vying for the position on AEW television. Only time will reveal how Flair will navigate this new chapter and what impact his legendary presence will have on AEW's next generation of stars.

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