Kevin Sullivan Expresses Concern Over Ric Flair AEW Matches, Fears Ring Fatality

Wrestling icon's future in AEW stirs heartfelt concerns.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Sullivan Expresses Concern Over Ric Flair AEW Matches, Fears Ring Fatality
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Wrestling veteran Kevin Sullivan recently shared his mixed feelings about Ric Flair's ongoing presence in the wrestling world, particularly his association with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). While acknowledging Flair's undeniable charisma and enduring popularity, Sullivan voiced his strong reservations about seeing Flair return to the ring, especially at his age.

Sullivan's connection with Flair spans decades, having been part of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) booking committees that featured Flair and even positioned him as a heroic figure against the notorious New World Order in the 90s.

Despite their long-standing professional relationship, Sullivan's latest comments on his podcast, "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," highlighted a deep concern for Flair's well-being should he continue wrestling.

Flair's Unmatched Charm

Reflecting on Flair's remarkable journey that began in 1974, Sullivan humorously recounted attempts by various industry leaders to retire Flair over the years, none of which have succeeded.

He quipped about Flair's ability to charm his way through any situation, likening it to a speeding driver who avoids a ticket just by being charismatic. Sullivan marveled at Flair's sustained relevance, noting his widespread appeal across multiple media platforms.

However, the tone shifted when Sullivan addressed the prospect of Flair stepping back into the ring with AEW. His respect for Flair was evident as he expressed a genuine fear of a tragic event befalling "The Nature Boy," who has been an icon for more than two generations of wrestling fans.

Sullivan emphasized that while the wrestling community holds Flair in high esteem, the risks associated with in-ring performance at his age are simply too great. Sullivan's stance underscores a sentiment felt by many in the wrestling community: the desire to preserve the legacy and health of one of its most celebrated figures.

His comments serve as a poignant reminder of the physical demands of wrestling and the need for industry veterans to transition into roles that ensure their safety and honor their contributions to the sport.

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