Jade Cargill Speaks Out on Minimal Wrestling During WWE Tenure

Cargill discusses her career focus and earnings over wrestling

by Atia Mukhtar
Jade Cargill Speaks Out on Minimal Wrestling During WWE Tenure
© Jade Cargill/Twitter

As anticipation mounts over Jade Cargill's long-awaited WWE in-ring debut, the wrestling world buzzes with her recent remarks concerning her current non-wrestling role in the company. Cargill, a formidable presence in the wrestling community and former AEW TBS Champion, has been under the WWE banner since early September.

Despite this, the powerhouse performer has yet to compete in a WWE match, sparking widespread speculation and impatience among wrestling enthusiasts. While Cargill's transition from AEW to WWE was one of the most talked-about moves of the year, marked by the expectation of a series of high-octane matches, the subsequent weeks have been unexpectedly quiet on the wrestling front for her.

Her presence on WWE programming has been noted, but not in the capacity fans have eagerly awaited. The clamor for her to grace the squared circle has been growing, yet she seems unfazed by the delay, expressing contentment with her situation.

In a candid response on social media, Cargill addressed a fan's comment with a confident flare, asserting the financially rewarding nature of her WWE tenure. "Whyyyy wrestle when my BIG check clears every week, baby," she tweeted, emphasizing the lucrative aspect of her career over the physicality of wrestling.

Cargill Redefines Priorities

Further challenging the notion that she's solely in the "wrestling business," Cargill boldly stated, "No, it's the IM MAKING MONEY business," a stance that may redefine the expectations of some while resonating with the fiscal realities of professional wrestling.

Cargill's last match, dating back to an AEW Rampage taping on September 13, saw her fall short in capturing the TBS Championship from Kris Statlander—an encounter that marked her first foray into the ring since losing the title at the AEW Double or Nothing event on May 28.

As Cargill's in-ring hiatus continues, the conversation shifts from her physical prowess to the strategic business acumen that comes with brand management and career longevity in the wrestling industry. Her perspective offers a glimpse into the myriad ways professional wrestlers navigate their careers, balancing the limelight of public expectation with the personal and financial goals that come with such a high-profile industry.

With this story unfolding, WWE and AEW fans alike remain on the edge of their seats, waiting for the moment when Cargill returns to the action-packed world of wrestling, transforming her current narrative into one that reflects her full potential within WWE's storied rings.

As this narrative evolves, it's clear that Cargill's brand —and bankability— remains as strong as her in-ring persona, promising an eventual return that could shake the foundations of women's wrestling.

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