Cary Silkin Doubts Tony Khan Vision for ROH

Exploring ROH's Transformation Under New Leadership

by Noman Rasool
Cary Silkin Doubts Tony Khan Vision for ROH
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In a recent candid interview on "The Insiders," Cary Silkin, a name virtually synonymous with Ring of Honor (ROH), shared his nuanced perspective on the promotion's current direction under Tony Khan's ownership. Silkin, who steered ROH from 2004 to 2011 and remained its ambassador until Khan's acquisition in 2022, offered a unique blend of nostalgia and critique regarding the evolving landscape of the wrestling organization.

Initially, Silkin described Khan's purchase of ROH as a mix of "a gut punch and a great joy," highlighting the complexity of his emotions. His deep-rooted connection to the brand brings an inevitable protectiveness over its legacy and ethos.

In this introspective dialogue, Silkin expressed specific reservations about Khan's stewardship, particularly pointing out the underutilization of iconic ROH figures like Jay Lethal. This criticism sheds light on what Silkin perceives as a disconnect between ROH's rich history and its current trajectory.

Silkin Reminisces ROH's Past

Reflecting on the evolution of ROH, Silkin fondly reminisced about its past - an era he considers marked by a strong sense of unity and family among wrestlers and fans alike. This contrasted sharply with his view of the present incarnation under Khan, which, despite his personal liking for Khan and acknowledgment of his multifaceted responsibilities, seems to lack the cohesive spirit that once defined ROH.

"It's still alive today, but it' doesn't have...even in the worst times of my Ring of Honor, even in the worst times of the Sinclair Ring of Honor, there was like 'We're all in this together' kind of," Silkin observed.

His candidness, tinged with a hint of "sour grapes," as he self-reflectively noted, speaks to the challenges of adapting a beloved wrestling brand within the fast-evolving landscape of the sport. Silkin's reflections offer a valuable perspective on the complex dynamics at play in the wrestling industry, particularly as ROH navigates its path under new leadership.

This ongoing story of ROH's transformation under Tony Khan's leadership continues to attract attention from wrestling enthusiasts and industry observers alike, marking a pivotal chapter in the promotion's storied history.

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