Dax Harwood on Altering Wrestling Business

FTR's Unexpected Versatility Beyond the Ring Revealed

by Atia Mukhtar
Dax Harwood on Altering Wrestling Business
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Renowned AEW Wrestler Dax Harwood, known for his candid opinions on the state of professional wrestling, recently shared his views on the role of comedy in the industry. Speaking on his podcast "FTR with Dax," the former AEW Tag Team Champion addressed a fan's query about what he'd change in wrestling, leading to an insightful commentary on the current trends.

Harwood, a figure who has never shied away from expressing his thoughts, believes that comedy, while an integral part of wrestling, should be more of an attraction than the norm. "I'll probably get a lot of for this, but instead of comedy being the normal, it'd be an attraction.

I feel sometimes, wrestlers get insecure about their abilities & they know comedy will get a reaction. Today, these guys & girls are SO good! Believe in yourself," he stated. His perspective comes from encouraging wrestlers to trust in their abilities and not rely solely on comedy to engage the audience.

FTR's Comedic Flexibility

Interestingly, Harwood and his tag team partner Cash Wheeler have shown a willingness to engage in comedic segments during their tenure in WWE. This was despite the creative team's doubts about their interest in such content, showcasing their versatility as performers.

Currently, Harwood and Wheeler are navigating a complex landscape in AEW. They're entangled in rivalries with the formidable House of Black, comprising Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews, as well as the current AEW tag team champions, Big Bill and Ricky Starks.

The duo lost their titles to Starks and Bill in the October 7 episode of "AEW Collision" and were last seen in action on November 4. In a thrilling match, they joined forces with La Faction Ingoberable's Rush and Preston Vance, triumphing over a team led by Starks, Bill, and the Gates of Agony.

Harwood's comments highlight an ongoing debate about the balance between athleticism and entertainment in professional wrestling. His insights offer a fresh perspective on how performers can blend these elements to create a compelling and authentic wrestling experience.

As AEW continues to evolve, the contributions of wrestlers like Harwood and Wheeler will be pivotal in shaping its future trajectory.

Dax Harwood