Shawn Spears on AEW Title Match

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Shawn Spears on AEW Title Match

Shawn Spears was known as Tye Dillinger in the WWE. He was part of All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view. That was his debut for the promotion. He was interviewed by the legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter about his debut for All Elite Wrestling.

"Pretty common knowledge that I'm good friends with an EVP there," said Spears. "Heard the rumblings across the planet like everyone else, I heard about something special, so when the opportunity presented itself it fell in line with my 90 days no-compete clause (from his WWE release) perfectly”.

He then went on to talk about how he was released from the WWE and that he totally understands his decision. "I have been out for a while had an injury prior (to being released), so when that happens you never know how they are going to react," Spears explained.

He also shared his thoughts on who he wants to see win the All Elite Wrestling world title. "No one loves Chris Jericho more than Chris Jericho. He feels like he has something to prove, even though they guys resume speaks for itself," Spears stated.

"I'm pulling for Hangman. I think Hangman has a chance to make himself a worldwide, global star in one match, and that's the match to do it in." Spears is one of the few wrestlers that were released by the WWE, even though he was talented over there.