Mark Briscoe Reflects on 'Toughest' Memory of Late Brother Jay in AEW


Mark Briscoe Reflects on 'Toughest' Memory of Late Brother Jay in AEW
Mark Briscoe Reflects on 'Toughest' Memory of Late Brother Jay in AEW © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

In the wrestling community, the passing of Jay Briscoe at 38 remains a poignant memory, particularly for his brother and tag team partner, Mark Briscoe. Nearly a year after this tragic event, Mark shares his experiences and ongoing challenges in coping with the loss.

In a heartfelt conversation with Sports Illustrated's FanNation, he delves into the complexities of moving forward without his brother. Mark reflects on the unexpected moments that bring memories of Jay rushing back. "There are reminders of him everywhere, but the random ones hit me hardest.

Do you know what's been the toughest? The drive to the airport," he shares. This particular journey, once a routine part of their wrestling lives, now serves as a poignant reminder of his loss. "At first, I didn't think about it.

Then, 45 minutes into the drive, I'd be balling. I'm getting used to it. It's like our new normal. But when something catches me off guard, that's when it hits me."

Briscoe Brothers: Beyond the Ring

The Briscoe Brothers' legacy is not just confined to the ring.

Their journeys together, especially the regular two-hour trips to the airport, were filled with meaningful conversations and brotherly advice. These drives were a time for bonding, reflection, and planning their future bouts.

These trips have become a solitary ritual for Mark, a stark contrast to the lively discussions that once filled the car. Yet, amid this profound loss, Mark finds solace in the belief that Jay's spirit continues to guide and surround him and their family.

"It feels like he's still with us in spirit and in our hearts," he expresses. "We've all bonded together. Strangely, tragedy comes with beauty. I pick up his kids for school every morning. It makes my heart feel so good when we're all together." This sentiment highlights the enduring bond between the brothers and the resilience of their family in the face of adversity.

The Briscoe Brothers' story, marked by exceptional achievements in wrestling and deep familial connections, continues to resonate deeply within the wrestling community and beyond. Mark's journey of remembrance and adaptation is a testament to the enduring impact of Jay Briscoe, both as a wrestler and as a cherished brother.