The Truth About The Young Bucks


The Truth About The Young Bucks
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Wrestling fans were recently stirred by a roster page update that seemed to indicate a change in the executive status of The Young Bucks within All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The speculation was intense following the discovery that Nick and Matt Jackson were not listed as Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs), a title they've held since the company's inception.

However, the rumors were quickly squashed when their EVP titles were restored to the AEW website a short time later. The initial oversight led to widespread conjecture among the AEW community, highlighting the critical role the Jackson brothers play in the promotion's hierarchy.

Their importance to AEW was underscored by their foundational contributions alongside other wrestling stalwarts such as Cody Rhodes, who has since returned to WWE, and Kenny Omega, who remains a significant player in AEW's ongoing narratives.

Elite Civil War Escalates

The Young Bucks' current narrative is a charged feud with Omega and Chris Jericho. The conflict escalated after Omega and Jericho excluded the Jacksons from an eight-man tag team match, opting instead to team up with other members of The Don Callis Family.

This snub has set the stage for what's being termed 'The Elite Civil War,' peaking with a tension-filled encounter slated for the Full Gear pay-per-view on November 18th.

This upcoming bout is not without its stakes. Should Omega and Jericho, dubbed 'The Golden Jets' for this match, come out on top, they will be named the number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championship—a title currently held by The Young Bucks.

Conversely, a victory for Nick and Matt Jackson would dissolve The Golden Jets partnership, potentially realigning Omega with the Jackson brothers. Adding to the drama, the Full Gear event is positioned as a decisive chapter in AEW's gripping storyline, with fan allegiance split among the wrestling icons.

The match's unique stipulation adds an extra layer of excitement and potential for future story development, as it pits former allies against each other with high consequences. As the anticipation builds, fans are encouraged to tune in to witness the culmination of this high-octane rivalry, which has been expertly crafted to blend real-life intrigue with the theatrics of professional wrestling.

The savvy promotion of this narrative demonstrates AEW's expertise in creating buzz and maintaining viewer engagement, ensuring that Full Gear is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the wrestling calendar.

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