Konnan Challenges Tony Khan on ROH Choices


Konnan Challenges Tony Khan on ROH Choices
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In the latest episode of "K100 with Konnan & Disco," wrestling luminary Konnan reiterated his stance on Tony Khan's handling of the Ring of Honor (ROH) integration into All Elite Wrestling (AEW) broadcasts. Konnan's pointed remarks come as Khan, the AEW President, continues to feature ROH storylines prominently on AEW platforms, a decision that has stirred debate among wrestling fans.

Konnan, a veteran in wrestling, questioned Khan's strategy, positing that his affinity for ROH's storied history may overshadow business acumen. "Tony is passionate about ROH, and it shows," Konnan observed. "He revered it as a fan, and now as its owner, he's invested in its heritage.

That resonates with a core group of dedicated fans. But the challenge is to extend beyond the converted—to entice a fresh wave of viewership." Konnan, aligning with Disco Inferno's often-voiced views, stressed the need to capture new fans rather than preaching to the choir.

Konnan's Strategic Rebrand

Konnan also proposed a strategic pivot, suggesting that AEW rebrand one of its existing programs to showcase ROH, giving it a distinct presence and a chance at rejuvenation. "Why limit ROH's potential by confining it to YouTube when it could shine on cable television?" Konnan challenged, advocating for potential revamps of shows like "AEW Rampage" or "AEW Collision" to feature ROH content exclusively.

Despite the critique, it's noteworthy that ROH's fiscal health has seen marked improvement since Khan's acquisition. For instance, ROH's 2022 "Death Before Dishonor" event boasted a significant increase in pay-per-view sales, suggesting a revival in interest.

Cable and satellite purchase rates skyrocketed, painting a promising picture for the wrestling promotion's profitability under AEW's wing. However, a shadow looms on the horizon, as recent figures indicate a downturn in pay-per-view buys for ROH, with "Death Before Dishonor" suffering a 56% drop compared to last year's numbers.

This decline signals a potential hiccup in the growth trajectory of ROH despite the initial post-acquisition surge. The wrestling community watches with bated breath as ROH continues to find its footing within the AEW broadcast schedule.

The transition from niche fan favourite to mainstream moneymaker is fraught with challenges, but with a strategic approach, it may yet leverage its new platform to greater heights. The debate over the direction of ROH's branding and presentation continues to heat up, with industry insiders like Konnan leading the conversation on its future.

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