MJF Takes Executive Role in 'The Iron Claw'


MJF Takes Executive Role in 'The Iron Claw'
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MJF, the renowned professional wrestler, has recently stepped into a new role as an executive producer for the upcoming A24 film, "The Iron Claw." This revelation came to light with the release of the film's official poster on Monday, showcasing MJF's significant contribution behind the scenes.

In addition to his production role, MJF also stars in the film as Lance Von Erich. At just 27 years old, MJF expressed his immense pride in being part of this project, particularly under the direction of Sean Durkin, known for his work on "The Nest" and "Dead Ringers." "Being an executive producer for an A24 movie, and a masterpiece by Sean Durkin, is truly a remarkable milestone.

I'm beyond proud, but there's no time for celebration. I'm like a man on an island surrounded by adversaries, and November 18th presents my biggest challenge yet," MJF stated on social media. "The Iron Claw," set for a theatrical release on December 22, 2023, narrates the compelling story of the Von Erich family.

This wrestling dynasty has significantly influenced the sport from the 1960s through to the present day. The film promises to delve into their rise to fame and subsequent challenges. The cast features a lineup of acclaimed actors, including Jeremy Allen White, known for his roles in "The Bear" and "Shameless," portraying Kerry Von Erich.

Zac Efron, celebrated for his performances in "High School Musical" and "Neighbors," takes on the role of Kevin Von Erich. Harris Dickinson, from "Beach Rats" and "Triangle of Sadness," will appear as David Von Erich, while Holt McCallany of "Mindhunter" and "Foundation" fame plays Fritz Von Erich.

Iron Claw: Production Excellence

In addition to the star-studded cast, the film's production team includes some of the industry's most talented individuals. The cinematography, led by acclaimed director of photography Mátyás Erdély, promises to bring a unique visual style to the film.

The costume design, overseen by award-winning designer Jane Petrie, is expected to authentically capture the era and essence of the wrestling world. As anticipation builds for "The Iron Claw," wrestling fans and movie enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting what promises to be a captivating portrayal of one of the sport's most legendary families.

The film not only highlights the talents of its cast and crew but also marks a significant step in MJF's burgeoning career in the entertainment industry.