Powerhouse Hobbs Talks Future Plans Beyond Wrestling

Wrestling Icon Explores Future Beyond the Ring

by Noman Rasool
Powerhouse Hobbs Talks Future Plans Beyond Wrestling
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Professional wrestler Powerhouse Hobbs, renowned for his dynamic presence in the ring, recently shared his ambitions for life after wrestling. In a candid conversation on "Chillin' With Ice," Hobbs gave fans a glimpse into his potential future endeavors, showcasing his diverse interests beyond the wrestling world.

With a career spanning over 14 years and still going strong, Hobbs is not hinting at hanging up his boots anytime soon. However, he is already contemplating roles that would keep him connected to the wrestling universe, possibly in a backstage capacity.

This idea suggests Hobbs' commitment to the sport and his desire to contribute to its growth even after his in-ring days are over. Intriguingly, Hobbs also expressed a keen interest in acting, particularly in villainous roles.

"I would like to be a supervillain in a movie and play different roles," he stated, indicating a shift towards the entertainment industry. His imposing physique and on-screen charisma could indeed make him a compelling figure in the world of cinema.

Adding another layer to his post-wrestling aspirations, Hobbs revealed a passion for cooking, inspired by his grandmother. He dreams of hosting his own grilling show, a testament to his love for barbeque and culinary exploration.

This interest in cooking offers a more personal and relatable side to the wrestler, contrasting with his powerful persona in the ring.

Hobbs' Career Milestones

Currently, Hobbs is riding high in his wrestling career. After undergoing a significant physical transformation that enhanced his already impressive build, he continues to dominate in the arena.

His recent victory over Wardlow, securing the AEW TNT Championship, marks a high point in his career. Furthermore, his alignment with The Don Callis Family, including prominent figures like Konosuke Takeshita and Kyle Fletcher, has added a new dimension to his wrestling narrative.

Fans can anticipate an intense eight-man Street Fight on the upcoming episode of "Dynamite," where Hobbs will team up with Takeshita, Fletcher, and Brian Cage. They will face off against a formidable team comprising Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Paul Wight, and Kota Ibushi, promising a high-stakes and action-packed encounter.

As Hobbs continues to excel in wrestling, his thoughts on a multifaceted future paint a picture of a man not just confined to the ring, but one with aspirations that span various fields. His journey from the wrestling arena to potential roles in entertainment and culinary arts will be one to watch.