AEW Star Credited for Sting Re-Introduction by Tony Khan


AEW Star Credited for Sting Re-Introduction by Tony Khan
AEW Star Credited for Sting Re-Introduction by Tony Khan © Sting/Twitter

In an insightful discussion during the AEW Full Gear 2023 media call, Tony Khan, President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), expressed his gratitude towards Darby Allin for playing a pivotal role in re-introducing wrestling icon Sting to the AEW audience.

As Sting's illustrious career approaches its finale, Khan's comments shed light on the significant impact Allin has had alongside the legendary wrestler and what lies ahead for him in AEW. Sting, a name synonymous with professional wrestling greatness, has been teaming up with Darby Allin over the past three years, creating memorable moments and thrilling fans worldwide.

Allin's unwavering allegiance and similarity to Sting in terms of character have been a cornerstone of this partnership. "I think it’s important to remember Darby was on fire before Sting got here and has continued to stay on fire," Khan remarked, acknowledging Allin's inherent star quality and contributions to AEW.

Khan further added, "Darby is a great mind for wrestling, and he’s one of our top stars. It’s very fitting he’ll be alongside Sting for Sting’s retirement." This statement not only highlights Allin's prowess in the ring but also underlines his mentor-mentee relationship with Sting, which has been a fascinating narrative in AEW's storyline.

Allin's Post-Sting Prospects

Looking beyond Sting's retirement, Khan is optimistic about Allin's future. "Darby has got such a bright future, many years ahead after Sting retires," he stated, suggesting a promising path for Allin in the post-Sting era of AEW.

This sentiment reinforces Allin's position as a key player in the promotion's future plans. In a spectacular showcase of talent, Darby Allin is set to team up with Sting and Adam Copeland in his AEW pay-per-view in-ring debut on Saturday, November 18, at AEW Full Gear 2023.

This match is anticipated to be a landmark event, potentially marking one of the final instances fans can witness Sting in action, alongside the rising star, Darby Allin. Tony Khan's reflections offer a glimpse into the dynamic world of AEW, where legends and emerging stars create unforgettable narratives, setting the stage for a continually evolving and exciting future in professional wrestling.

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