Sarah Stock Challenging Journey to Joining AEW

Exploring the complexities faced by global wrestling professionals today.

by Atia Mukhtar
Sarah Stock Challenging Journey to Joining AEW
© Sarah Stock/Twitter

Nearly three years after concluding her role as a coach with WWE, Sarah Stock has made a significant career move by joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This transition marks a notable chapter in her illustrious career, which includes memorable stints in TNA and CMLL, particularly her acclaimed performances in Arena Mexico as Dark Angel.

However, Stock's path to AEW was not without its challenges, a journey she recently detailed in an appearance on "AEW Unrestricted."

AEW Partnership Journey

Stock's connection with AEW traces back to a point shortly after she returned to Mexico for a brief comeback tour with Robles Promotions.

Initially, AEW's approach and Stock's enthusiasm suggested a swift collaboration. However, the actual process evolved into a protracted affair, influenced heavily by the complexities of international work regulations. "It all moved very quickly, and then very slowly," Stock explained.

She expressed her keen interest in joining AEW and mentioned that while both parties reached an agreement relatively fast, her Canadian citizenship introduced unexpected hurdles. The intricate process of securing work visas and navigating bureaucratic procedures stretched over a year.

It was only after this prolonged period that Stock managed to officially join AEW, marking her entry at an event in her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Stock's experience underscores the often-overlooked challenges faced by international talent in the wrestling industry, particularly when it comes to work authorization in different countries.

Her perseverance through these challenges not only highlights her dedication to her craft but also sheds light on the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into international talent acquisition in professional wrestling. As she embarks on this new chapter with AEW, Stock brings a wealth of experience, both from her in-ring career and her coaching tenure with WWE.

Her unique perspective is expected to be a significant asset to AEW's growing roster, contributing to both the development of emerging talent and the refinement of established stars. This move by AEW reaffirms their commitment to bringing diverse and experienced voices into their fold, further bolstering the promotion's reputation in the competitive world of professional wrestling.