Andrade El Idolo Joins AEW Collision's Continental Classic


Andrade El Idolo Joins AEW Collision's Continental Classic
Andrade El Idolo Joins AEW Collision's Continental Classic © Andrade El Idolo/Twitter

In a thrilling development for wrestling fans, Andrade El Idolo has been confirmed as the second competitor in the much-anticipated AEW Continental Classic tournament. This news was revealed during an intriguing backstage segment on the special edition of "AEW Collision," setting the stage for dynamic encounters in the lead-up to AEW's Full Gear event.

Andrade & Perry Unite

Andrade, a seasoned wrestler with a rich history in the sport, was seen alongside his new manager, CJ Perry, during this segment. The partnership between Andrade and Perry marks a new chapter in his career, and their collaboration has already begun to make waves in the wrestling community.

During the interview, Andrade expressed his enthusiasm for being represented by Perry. Perry, in turn, praised Andrade as "the best wrestler," highlighting his impressive career that began when he was just 12 years old. It was revealed that Perry played a pivotal role in Andrade's entry into the Continental Classic.

She negotiated the deal with AEW President Tony Khan, including a special clause: a lucrative bonus for Andrade should he emerge victorious in the tournament. This revelation adds an intriguing layer to Andrade's participation, suggesting both high stakes and confidence in his abilities.

The AEW Continental Classic, set to commence on November 22nd on "AEW Dynamite" in Chicago, is a round-robin tournament featuring 12 men. Bryan Danielson, another top-tier wrestler, was previously announced as a participant, raising the competitive bar.

The exact stakes and structure of the tournament are shrouded in mystery, with Khan promising further details post-Full Gear. This tournament not only offers an opportunity for Andrade to showcase his wrestling prowess but also serves as a platform for him to potentially ascend to new heights in AEW.

With the wrestling world's eyes on the Continental Classic, Andrade's participation, under the guidance of CJ Perry, adds a layer of intrigue and potential for some truly memorable moments in the ring.

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