MJF Defeats Jay White to Retain AEW Title at Full Gear

AEW Full Gear Delivers Unforgettable Championship Drama.

by Atia Mukhtar
MJF Defeats Jay White to Retain AEW Title at Full Gear
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In an electrifying main event at AEW Full Gear, the reigning AEW World Champion MJF successfully defended his title against the formidable Jay White, defying the odds and rampant speculation regarding his physical condition.

Earlier in the evening, MJF, teaming with Samoa Joe, overcame The Gunns in a grueling match at Zero Hour to retain the ROH World Tag Team titles. However, the celebration was short-lived as a post-match attack by The Gunns left MJF's leg severely injured, casting doubt on his ability to compete in the main event.

Adam Cole stepped up as the uncertainty grew, promising MJF he wouldn't let the championship slip away. Despite his limitations and being on crutches, Cole was ready to face White in what was announced as the new main event.

The twist, however, came when MJF made a dramatic return, driving the very ambulance he had been stretchered away in earlier. This bold move shifted the momentum and set the stage for a showdown to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Throughout the match, White cunningly targeted MJF's injured leg, exploiting every opportunity to gain an advantage. Cole's presence at ringside added a layer of drama as he agonized over whether to intervene. Not content with their earlier interference, the Gunns attempted to sway the match's outcome once more but were thwarted by the vigilant referee Bryce Remsburg.

Climactic Showdown Unfolds

The climax of the match was a masterclass in suspense and athleticism. In desperation, Cole almost conceded the game on behalf of MJF as White locked in a punishing figure-four. The ensuing chaos saw Cole's ROH tag team title belt come into play, only for White to turn the tables and use it against MJF.

The diamond ring - MJF's notorious signature accessory - became the focal point in a thrilling twist. Initially commandeered by White, MJF reclaimed it in a decisive moment, using it to neutralize The Gunns' interference and ultimately strike down White.

The victory was more than just a title defense; it was a testament to MJF's resilience and tactical prowess. With this win, MJF cements his position as AEW World Champion, marking a full calendar year at the pinnacle of AEW's hierarchy.

The celebration with Cole post-match was a moment of triumph and unity, devoid of the usual in-ring subterfuge, signaling perhaps a new chapter in MJF's championship reign. As the AEW landscape continues to evolve, MJF's dominance remains a constant, setting the stage for more high-octane drama in professional wrestling.

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