Swerve Strickland Beats Adam Page in AEW Full Gear Texas Death Match

Intense AEW Rivalry Culminates in Brutal Texas Deathmatch.

by Atia Mukhtar
Swerve Strickland Beats Adam Page in AEW Full Gear Texas Death Match
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In a match that lived up to its gruesome expectations, Swerve Strickland emerged victorious over "Hangman" Adam Page in a harrowing Texas Deathmatch at AEW Full Gear in Los Angeles. The bout, filled with barbed wire, glass, staples, and various other implements of destruction, saw both wrestlers pushing the limits of physical endurance and brutality, leaving the ring stained with their efforts.

Shocking Match Climax

In a stunning turn of events at AEW Full Gear, Swerve Strickland's victory over "Hangman" Adam Page was far from straightforward. The match, already brimming with barbaric intensity, escalated when Brian Cage and Prince Nana unexpectedly intervened.

Their interference proved decisive, as Strickland's brutal assault with a cinder block to Page's head left the audience in shock. The final, chilling act saw Strickland drape the defeated "Hangman" over the ring post with a steel chain, symbolically and literally hanging his rival out to dry.

This moment not only sealed Strickland's win but also marked a pivotal chapter in their heated rivalry, showcasing the extreme lengths these wrestlers will go to claim victory. This high-stakes Deathmatch marked a heated rematch between Strickland and Page, who initially clashed at WrestleDream in October.

In their previous encounter, Strickland secured a contentious victory, thanks to a crafty interference by Prince Nana. Since then, their rivalry has escalated dramatically, with Strickland invading Page's family home and playing a pivotal role in costing him the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship during an episode of "AEW Dynamite." For "Hangman" Adam Page, this match marked his fourth Texas Deathmatch within AEW and notably, his first defeat under this challenging format.

The duel, lasting nearly 30 minutes, set a new record as the longest Texas Deathmatch in AEW history, surpassing Page's earlier bout against Jon Moxley at Revolution. As the aftermath of Full Gear settles, fans are left pondering the future trajectory of this intense rivalry.

With Strickland's recent victories and increasingly bold tactics, the AEW landscape is set for more thrilling and unpredictable confrontations. This match not only demonstrated the athletes' resilience and determination but also highlighted the evolving and increasingly competitive nature of AEW's wrestling narrative.

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