AEW MJF Warns Will Ospreay to Keep Distance


AEW MJF Warns Will Ospreay to Keep Distance
AEW MJF Warns Will Ospreay to Keep Distance © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

In a striking turn of events at AEW's latest pay-per-view spectacle, Full Gear, the wrestling world witnessed a dual headline. Not only did MJF successfully defend his title against Jay White in a thrilling encounter, but Will Ospreay, a renowned name in the wrestling fraternity, made a landmark decision by signing an AEW contract right in the ring.

This development has sparked a new excitement and speculation among wrestling enthusiasts. MJF, the AEW World Champion known for his unapologetic candor, recently shared his thoughts about Ospreay's arrival with Sports Illustrated.

"Will's a remarkable talent, no doubt. But he's not the complete package like I am," MJF asserted, exuding his trademark confidence. "What's truly frightening is that I'm still evolving. Each day, I'm getting better, which is bad news for everyone else," he added, indicating that his best is yet to come.

MJF Dismisses Ospreay Showdown

In a candid reflection of his potential rivalry with Ospreay, MJF made his stance clear. "Ospreay is, to put it in his dialect, a bellend. I'd prefer if he stayed out of my way," he declared, dismissing any immediate possibility of a showdown.

Despite MJF's reluctance, Ospreay, the current IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, expressed a different sentiment during the Full Gear press conference. He referred to MJF as the "People's Scumbag" and hinted at a potential clash in the future.

However, wrestling fans might have to wait for this dream match. Ospreay is committed to finishing his tenure with New Japan Pro-Wrestling before officially joining AEW's ranks next year. Meanwhile, MJF faces his own set of challenges.

The roster is brimming with top-tier talent eager for a title shot, including Samoa Joe, who, after aiding MJF in retaining the ROH Tag Team Titles, is anticipated to be the next in line for a championship opportunity. This unfolding drama in AEW's dynamic world continues to captivate the audience, promising thrilling confrontations and unparalleled entertainment in the coming months.

As the landscape shifts with new alliances and rivalries, the only certainty is that the action inside the AEW ring will be spectacular.

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