Darby Allin Takes Break from AEW


Darby Allin Takes Break from AEW
Darby Allin Takes Break from AEW © Darby Allin/Twitter

Darby Allin, a renowned figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and former TNT Champion, has commenced a temporary departure from the wrestling scene. This hiatus follows his recent participation in AEW's Full Gear event on November 18, where Allin, alongside Sting and Adam Copeland, triumphed over Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Nick Wayne.

Post-match commentary hinted at Allin's immediate plans to embark on a red-eye flight for an ambitious endeavor – training for a Mount Everest climb. While the actual ascent of the world's highest mountain is not on his immediate agenda, Allin's journey to China for rigorous training underscores his commitment to this extraordinary challenge.

Wrestling observer Bryan Alvarez clarified the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, noting that while Allin may not be scaling Everest right away, his preparations are indeed underway. "Allin is definitely on a significant break.

He's actually training, and this isn't just a storyline," Alvarez stated, confirming the seriousness of Allin's pursuits.

Allin's Everest Prep

Earlier in the year, Allin had revealed plans for this unique journey, indicating a November timeline for beginning his training in China.

Additionally, he has scheduled a trip to New Zealand in February, with the ultimate goal of tackling Everest in April 2024. Allin's hiatus is not just a pause from wrestling but a testament to his adventurous spirit and determination to conquer new challenges.

His journey resonates with fans who admire his resilience and dedication, both in and out of the ring. As he prepares for one of the most grueling physical and mental tests, his fans and the wrestling community will undoubtedly follow his journey with keen interest.

While the wrestling world will miss Allin's dynamic presence in the ring, his pursuit of climbing Mount Everest adds a fascinating chapter to his already impressive career. This break from AEW allows Allin to focus on training for a feat that few dare to attempt, further solidifying his reputation as a wrestler unafraid to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

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