Copeland Denies WWE Betrayal, Joins AEW


Copeland Denies WWE Betrayal, Joins AEW
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In a candid response to claims labeling him a traitor for his recent move from WWE to AEW, Adam Copeland, popularly known as Edge, offers a refreshing perspective on his career decisions. Known for his remarkable tenure in WWE, where he achieved legendary status before an injury-induced hiatus, Copeland made a triumphant return to the ring, culminating in his AEW debut at WrestleDream in October 2023.

His first AEW pay-per-view appearance at Full Gear was notable, teaming with Darby Allin and Sting to secure victory over Christian Cage, Nick Wayne, and Luchasaurus. However, this career shift has sparked a mix of reactions, with some fans expressing a staunch loyalty to wrestling brands over individual wrestlers, leading to accusations of betrayal.

Copeland: Wrestling's Newman

Addressing these allegations in a conversation with Adrian Hernandez, Copeland likened his situation to Hollywood actors working with various studios, dismissing the notion of being a traitor.

He emphasized the positive nature of his departure from WWE and drew parallels between his career choices and actors like Paul Newman, who worked across different production companies. Copeland expressed his enthusiasm for facing new challenges and opponents in AEW, especially at the age of 50.

He stressed the excitement and fulfillment derived from his wrestling career, underscoring the importance of pursuing passion and opportunities, regardless of brand affiliations. Looking ahead, Copeland is set to continue his rivalry with Christian Cage in AEW, following Cage's tactical retreat at Full Gear.

This ongoing feud, marked by a blend of personal and professional dynamics, adds another compelling layer to Copeland's already storied career. Copeland's journey, characterized by resilience and adaptability, serves as a testament to the evolving nature of professional wrestling.

His narrative continues to captivate audiences, transcending brand loyalties and highlighting the essence of sports entertainment. As he carves his path in AEW, Copeland remains a pivotal figure in wrestling, demonstrating that loyalty to one's passion often supersedes allegiance to any single brand.

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