Bobby Fish Praises AEW Star as Timeless Talent


Bobby Fish Praises AEW Star as Timeless Talent
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In a recent exclusive interview with "WrestlingNewsCo," former AEW wrestler Bobby Fish shared his profound admiration for the legendary Sting, a figure who he believes has the unique ability to transcend time in the dynamic world of professional wrestling.

Fish's insights offer a glimpse into the enduring legacy of one of wrestling's most iconic figures. Growing up an ardent fan, Fish was particularly captivated by Sting's Surfer Sting persona. His enthusiasm for Sting's career is palpable, especially when discussing the wrestler's current stint in AEW.

Fish applauds AEW's handling of Sting's character, especially his alliance with Darby Allin. "What an incredible career," Fish remarked, expressing awe at Sting's ability to perform at a high level despite his years in the industry.

Fish's Heroic Encounter

Fish recalled his experiences with Sting during his tenure with AEW, dispelling the standard warning about meeting one's heroes. He described Sting as an exception to this rule, a hero who exceeded his expectations.

Sharing a locker room and interacting with Sting left an indelible mark on Fish. "Another surreal thing was I got the bump for him," Fish shared, highlighting a memorable in-ring moment with Sting. He didn't stop praising the creative direction of Sting's storyline with Darby Allin, lauding it as one of AEW's most successful narratives.

"I think every move's been done well, and it's a credit to everybody there, and it's a credit to Steve [Sting] himself," Fish observed, acknowledging the collective effort behind Sting's success. Fish's admiration for Sting extends beyond the ring.

He described Sting as a brilliant conversationalist behind the scenes, underscoring the wrestler's multifaceted personality. According to Fish, the Sting character stands unparalleled in professional wrestling, a testament to the wrestler's profound impact on the industry.

As the wrestling community prepares for Sting's final match at next year's AEW Revolution pay-per-view, Fish's reflections serve as a fitting tribute to a career that began in 1985 and left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling. Fish's words resonate with fans and wrestlers alike, encapsulating Sting's timeless appeal and enduring legacy.

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