Freddie Prinze Jr. Brands AEW Bout 'Grossest' Ever Witnessed


Freddie Prinze Jr. Brands AEW Bout 'Grossest' Ever Witnessed
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In a gripping episode of "Wrestling with Freddie," Freddie Prinze Jr. offered his candid take on the recent Texas Death Match at AEW Full Gear 2023, where Swerve Strickland and Adam Cole left audiences and critics divided with their intense performance.

This match, now etched in AEW's annals as one of its bloodiest, sparked a visceral reaction from Prinze Jr., a passionate wrestling aficionado.

Gross Match Revelation

Describing the spectacle, Prinze Jr. remarked, "Swerve Strickland and 'Hangman' Adam Page...

this is the grossest match I've ever seen in my life." He vividly recalled the match's extreme gore, noting Strickland's profuse bleeding that seemed almost surreal. "It looked like anime... If there was a bucket and it was measured in gallons, it must have been a half gallon of blood.

A pint of blood. It's crazy," he expressed. Despite the match's graphic nature, Prinze Jr. lauded the wrestlers for their storytelling prowess and dedication. "I wanted it to be my match of the night because the story they told in the ring was amazing.

But it was so much blood, and I'm so much softer than I used to be. I can't hack it, I can't hack it," he admitted. This candid admission highlights Prinze Jr.' s evolving perspective on the wrestling world's often brutal theatrics.

In his concluding thoughts, Prinze Jr. expressed a positive outlook on the match's aftermath, particularly for Swerve Strickland. He harbors high hopes for Strickland's future in AEW, advocating for his rise to prominence within the promotion.

"I hope it leads to a push for Strickland," Prinze Jr. stated, underscoring his belief in Strickland's potential to ascend to the top ranks of AEW. This match, though polarizing, signifies the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where the line between storytelling and physical extremities continues to blur.

As such, it remains a topic of heated discussion among fans and critics, with perspectives like Prinze Jr.' s adding depth to the ongoing debate about the boundaries of performance in wrestling.

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